Monday, April 15, 2013

boston i love you

for those of you who aren't familiar with my story:
nearly 6 years ago i met a guy, fell in love, and moved to boston (this of course is an oversimplification but for the sake of not reliving the past half a decade of my life it will work).
 i had dreamed of visiting boston for years.
the idea of finally not only visiting but making it my home was overwhelmingly intense but i graciously accepted the challenge.  
i instantly fell in love with the city.
i spent my afternoons wandering the streets, popping in and out of little shops, and eating lunch on the docks behind the intercontinental hotel.  
i found corners of that city that i felt were all mine.  places that no one else in all of boston could have found. could have loved half as much as i loved them.
i was in heaven. 
the first job i took was in copley square. a half a block away from the public library. around the corner from the boston marathon finish line.  
i think about boston nearly every day.  every single day.
i think about the decisions that i made to get there and the life that i lead while wandering around.
i wasn't happy with a lot of things about my life at the time but i found happiness in my love for the city.
ask those who visited me while i lived there and they will tell you that i loved showing off boston.  i could talk about the place for hours.  sometimes i still do.
right now all i can do is attempt to hold back tears while i stand in an empty salon and watch the news unfold about the explosions at the marathon finish line.
i will be the first to admit that my love affair with boston has never been smooth but i have never once spoken ill of her.  (the people that inhabit her; well that's another issue all together.)
boston my darling,
i hope you heal quickly. 
you really were my first big city love.
and, i cannot wait to visit you once again.  

i took these photos while i lived there.  
the second to last photo is of my mom sitting at my favorite place in the whole world, overlooking the bay. 

hug the city you love the most.  embrace the possibility.  remember it fondly. 

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