Sunday, March 31, 2013

happiness celebration

nearly a year ago jared and i went on our first date. (woah!!)

to celebrate a year of being happy together we headed up to glenwood springs, co for a short weekend getaway.  we were only away for 50 hours but it proved to be just enough time to relax, laugh, and enjoy ourselves.

we had originally decided to go to glenwood springs because the train ride from denver to there is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the country. but, when tickets for the train doubled in a matter of weeks we opted to keep planning a trip out west anyway.
the added bonus being that we were now able to makes stops at our favorite places along the way.

we left town late friday morning after much hemming hawing on both of our sides.  the drive west on i-70 is one of my favorites in the country (and i've driven across most of it).  the views that you get to experience are absolutely beautiful.  i didn't grow up in colorado but whenever i drive through the mountains i feel like i've come home.  the kind of home that you find later in life and never want to leave.  the mountains have always managed to wrap their big accepting arms so snuggly around me.

 we spent the afternoon in downtown glenwood springs meandering in and out of books shops, eating ice cream, and holding hands.

the weekend was full of happiness and love.  my favorite way to spend my weekends with him.


celebrate happiness.  buy some flowers.  bake a cake.

Friday, March 29, 2013

saturday dates

bridget and i had planned on a rainy afternoon loungin' on my couch but when it became clear that the clouds looming overhead were not going to produce any moisture we set out to explore our city.  

south broadway. humble pie. tattered cover. glass elevator rides. 
our afternoons never disappoint.


we found a great little spot on top of a parking garage.  standing at a new place in a city that i've been in for over 2 years was a neat experience.  taking in a different perspective of a place that's become so familiar felt magical.  

i've been lucky enough lately to see more of bridget than i have in a while.  there's just something about finding a friend that you can do anything with.  our conversations always seem to have a lightness about them even when we're talking about heavier things.  simply put bridget: i totally dig the ease of our friendship.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

he's so cute

he's just my favorite boy in all the land.


count yourself lucky.  invent a new word.  bask in the sunshine.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

weekly gratitude // 9

these are always fun to wake up to. 

lately i've been finding myself so full of happiness that i could burst.

this week's top ten

1. realizing how long my hair is getting
2. afternoon walks
3. sunny afternoons in our balcony fort
4. I QUIT MY JOB!!!!!
5. planning a train ride through the mountains
6. white russians
7. finishing homework early
8. surprise kittens in the stairwell up to my apartment door
9. meatloaf
10. the chance to let it all go


make a bracelet.  pay a compliment.  eat with your hands.

bam bam instagram

lately i've been spending lots of time with my nose buried in my school books.  as happy as i am to be back in school i have found myself lacking the companionship of others.  these past few weeks i have made a decidedly more conscience effort to spend time with my friends.  
wandering aimlessly through the alleys of denver with bridget.  
evening coffee dates in laney's jeep.  
brunch with the boys.  
it has felt good to spend more time with those i love. 
i find comfort in knowing my books will always be waiting for me when i get home.





my new phone camera has gotten much more use than my little canon rebel.  
my life in squares.


drink more coffee.  use a disposable cup.  pet a kitten.