Thursday, August 30, 2012

my favorite little corner of the world



sometimes work can get a little uneasy and fast paced.  when i go to lunch i desire two things: silence and a book.  this is the closest i can get to silence: a beautifully naturally lit corner of the building.  the little details make all the difference. a real bottle of delicious cola. handwritten letters and postcards used as book marks.


sit in silence. make note of the simple things. be content.

ginger peach tea i love you

being able to work with rad girls that continuously make me laugh and support me is pretty rad.  i took my post work afternoon to enjoy some tea and chips with my gal pal and coworker andie.  



we had lots to celebrate: new job opportunities, our super rad really nice boyfriends, hair wraps, the chance to spend time together and the impending days off fall.


drink some tea with a friend. laugh until you snort. kiss your fella or gal.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

...2 years...

the majority of the time i am proud of the decision that i made 2 years ago to leave boston.  there are, of course, those few moments every once in a while that my heart hurts.  i long for the subway, simple access to the ocean, seafood, and the weird smell that exists on the docks.
one day i'll get back to that fair city but for now i'm content with knowing how i made the right decision to leave.  life makes sense now.  i am happy.  i am surrounded by those that support and love me.  walking away seemed impossible at the time.  staying there seems impossible now.


here's to you elizabeth potter.  today marks our two year anniversary of the best road trip we've ever taken together.  thank you for giving me the push that i needed to get out of there.  thank you for taking the drive with me.  thank you for your endless hours of support, devotion and understanding.  thank you for being a part of it all.  there is no way in hell i could have done it without you by my side, holding my hand, the entire way.  you're the best sistercousin i could have ever dreamed of having.



change your life. take a risk. trust yourself. give it a chance. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

cleaning out the kitchen

since our very first date i've heard my BF talk about the paleo diet.  since our very first date i haven't done my best to support his no dairy, grains or refined sugar abstinence. shame on me. now that we're officially living together (i still can't believe it!!!) i can support him in his desire to live a cleaner much more healthy life. yesterday he officially signed up for the whole life challenge through his gym.  starting on the 15th of next month we'll be eating nothing but the paleo diet for a month and a half.  to get things started off we made a dinner menu for the coming week.  buying only from the outer perimeter of the grocery made for a quick and easy shopping day! 


standing above the kitchen table on a chair with my camera viewer pushed up against the ceiling was slightly precarious and really kind of scary. and difficult. (this was the best shot i could come up with)


try a new vegetable. do something different. sing in the shower. loudly.

friends are yummy

met up with this handsome lad on saturday for some good eats at our local mexican joint.  
i could seriously eat chips and salsa every day for life.  and i just may.

lucky to have good friends to share food and drinks with.

hug a puppy. kiss a friend. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

i'm free

i'm so happy to have saturdays off work once again.
something magical happens when you have a proper full weekend to enjoy yourself.  
today we made breakfast, looked at an apartment (i should have taken a photo of those terrible floors), ran some errands, joined a friend for lunch, read in the park and talked about our mutual dream of owning a dog very soon.



it's only 6pm and i still have a friend to say goodbye to and dinner to make.

enjoy the weather in your city. buy new makeup. hug a stranger.

lazy sunday

last weekend i only had one day off and had planned on spending it being lazy.  
that did not happen.
after our drive through the mountains we thrifted in the suburbs for a while then joined some friends for a bbq.  
such as sundays go.
it was happy to have a day filled with sunshine, long drives, good food and lots of laughter.


burgers.  knot lessons.  laughing.  making new friends. grilled watermelon. 
i'll take it all over being lazy any day.


do something unplanned. take a drive.  learn a new game (our involved nails and a hammer....and beer)

the day he forgot

i've been living in sin (oh the shame!) with my BF ever since i returned from a month long stay in kansas.  unofficially living in sin that is.  last night i thought i had been forgotten and sat outside on the steps of his apartment for over an hour waiting for entry (i wasn't too devastated as i had a wonderful book to read).
 a simple miscommunication of events turned into him stating, ever so simply, "i was thinking we'd just stop by ACE and make you some keys."
he said it all so nonchalantly. so easily.

3 fresh keys just for me. 

saw the beautiful sunset while waiting for our dear friends to join us for some Pho.  not a bad way to round out the near perfect evening.


i'm still trying to learn all the ins and outs of my camera.

make someone's day. tell a story. laugh. a lot. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

yellow velvet piping

meet the newest member of our house. 
we found this beauty (and his twin brother) while thrifting a couple of weeks ago.  
$7.99 each.
oh and the chair is piped in yellow velvet.
we're taking our time collecting gems to fill up our home.

did i mention that we're moving in together?
double yes!

we're super stoked to have a weekend free of plans.  i can guarantee that there will be ice cream involved at some point.

camera happy.

i met up with my dear friend bridget last thursday for some coffee and a short lesson in 50mm lens basics. sure, there will be a significant amount of time learning the ins and outs of my camera but i am so excited to learn it all!
our first trip with the new camera?  down a mountain road of course!  after turning around about 5 different times we finally decided to just keep driving and see where it takes us.

i'm happiest on sundays, holding hands with my BF and driving through the mountains.


i find old houses fascinating. he finds old houses...well old.  at least he's willing to drive up a steep winding driveway to view one that's for sale.  

take a drive. hold a hand. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

latest loverlies

being able to come home and have someone support me mindlessly really helps to ease the stresses of the day.  i am not doted on but simply watched over.  feeling safe enough to be myself and comfortable enough to ask for help are only two of the many reasons i'm so in love with this dude.

latest loverlies


a 2 month break from running (eep!) finally ending
impromptu mid-evening walks to the frozen yogurt stand
watching his pile of books outgrow the space on his shelves
the very real possibility of a lens for my new camera
holding hands
$1 sunday pool dates
reading and walking at the same time
sigur ros (always sigur ros)
vinyl night at my friends' house
a pantry stocking grocery list
a growing anticipation of my parents arrival and our impending camping trip with them
googling everything about south dakota
craiglist (is there anything you can't find on there)
yellow velvet piped chairs thrifted for $8 each
i'm desperate for a vintage flower couch while he wants a solid color (i sure hope i win out)


pick up the phone and call someone you haven't talked to in a while.  tell them a story. love.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

d i c h o t o m y

yesterday was strangely dichotomous.  high highs and low lows all wrapped into one simple 12 hour period. i met jack white (i'm on earth am i so lucky?). was yelled at by multiple guests at work. found out my grams is cancer free (best news of my life. ever.). learned that a dear family friend's colon cancer has spread to liver, spleen and lungs. when my emotions get pulled from one extreme to another i find it imperative to level back out.  i'm enjoying finding joy in the simplest form and laughing until i cry.


vegan tacos
more burritos made by a friend
coffee chugging contests at work
finding genuine joy in listening to a friend's happiness
realizing my hands are beginning to look more like my mom's than my dad's
catching him enjoying himself while washing the dishes
all things gummy
gilded pipe cleaner crowns
secret plans with friends to surprise the BF
allowing my coffee to steep in my french press during my walk to work

today i'm loving more openly than i ever have before.  where did you find your happiness today?