Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my life in photos

lately we've found ourselves on the best adventures: short hops to the mountains, zooming around the city on the scooter, last minute concert tickets, and sunday camping.  this summer is just flying on by. i'm ready for autumn but not until I get a few more days by the pool.

Friday, July 13, 2012

and so it goes

a simple list to describe my life right now...
smiles so big my cheeks hurt
preparing for the realistic but wanting the magical
apartment hunting is more fun when you don't actually need to find a place to live
loving openly, no matter how difficult it may seem, is easier than keeping it to myself
adventure scooter rides through the city with my BF chasing the sunset
surprise boxes of wine from my dearest of friends
introducing my BF to dawson's creek (and him automatically starting up episode 2 just after)
birthday cake ice cream. 
when all else failed, laying belly to belly and laughing until...well for as long as we pleased
honest conversations about everything
daydreaming about turning an abandoned observatory into the most amazing home. ever.
wanting to find an apartment just so i can see all of my newly thrifted blouses all lined up 
celebrating every monday...because we can
my mom keeps mailing me boxes (even though i have no home to put them in)
2 pairs of chewed up shoes from my friends' dogs
multiple trips to the bar with a good book and a beer
obsessing over crossword puzzle answers
i want a cheeseburger every night. he wants a burrito. so are life's many dilemmas.
solo thrifting trips after unity on sundays seem to be my restart button
find the perfect iced americano and tell someone why you like them!