Wednesday, August 29, 2012

...2 years...

the majority of the time i am proud of the decision that i made 2 years ago to leave boston.  there are, of course, those few moments every once in a while that my heart hurts.  i long for the subway, simple access to the ocean, seafood, and the weird smell that exists on the docks.
one day i'll get back to that fair city but for now i'm content with knowing how i made the right decision to leave.  life makes sense now.  i am happy.  i am surrounded by those that support and love me.  walking away seemed impossible at the time.  staying there seems impossible now.


here's to you elizabeth potter.  today marks our two year anniversary of the best road trip we've ever taken together.  thank you for giving me the push that i needed to get out of there.  thank you for taking the drive with me.  thank you for your endless hours of support, devotion and understanding.  thank you for being a part of it all.  there is no way in hell i could have done it without you by my side, holding my hand, the entire way.  you're the best sistercousin i could have ever dreamed of having.



change your life. take a risk. trust yourself. give it a chance. 

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  1. this is a wonderful post and such true words! i left a very loving home and moved from germany to the us when i was only 21! sometimes i feel like i was so much braver back then than i am now ;)

    hope you're having a sunny day!