Wednesday, August 8, 2012

d i c h o t o m y

yesterday was strangely dichotomous.  high highs and low lows all wrapped into one simple 12 hour period. i met jack white (i'm on earth am i so lucky?). was yelled at by multiple guests at work. found out my grams is cancer free (best news of my life. ever.). learned that a dear family friend's colon cancer has spread to liver, spleen and lungs. when my emotions get pulled from one extreme to another i find it imperative to level back out.  i'm enjoying finding joy in the simplest form and laughing until i cry.


vegan tacos
more burritos made by a friend
coffee chugging contests at work
finding genuine joy in listening to a friend's happiness
realizing my hands are beginning to look more like my mom's than my dad's
catching him enjoying himself while washing the dishes
all things gummy
gilded pipe cleaner crowns
secret plans with friends to surprise the BF
allowing my coffee to steep in my french press during my walk to work

today i'm loving more openly than i ever have before.  where did you find your happiness today?

1 comment:

  1. this rules. (and so do gold pipe cleaner crowns -- they're actually the best.) i'm going to keep you happy in my heart, ok friend? there are lots of prayers & good things there. xo.