Thursday, May 2, 2013

dear // amy butler

"i'm going to make a gross overstatement but you are the reason i ever started quilting."

every year for christmas my grandma has sewn every member of our family a pillow case.  i have a stack of them, each made specifically for me, on a shelf in my apartment.  one year my grandma paid tribute to our mutual love of paisley prints and picked out a beautiful orange and pink pattern for my pillow case.  i immediately had to know the designer of such beautiful fabric.  my grandma informed me that it was amy butler.  the rest, as they say, is history.  since that first pillow case fabric i've fallen deeper in love.  


thank you for being the sweetest and nicest lady i always imagined you to be.  thank you for sitting there and gabbing with me, signing a card for my mom, and taking a photo with me.  
my mom couldn't be more proud that i've chosen you as my hero.  you're the bees knees.


geek out.  allow yourself to be starstruck.  use your words. 

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