Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bam bam instagram

lately i've been spending lots of time with my nose buried in my school books.  as happy as i am to be back in school i have found myself lacking the companionship of others.  these past few weeks i have made a decidedly more conscience effort to spend time with my friends.  
wandering aimlessly through the alleys of denver with bridget.  
evening coffee dates in laney's jeep.  
brunch with the boys.  
it has felt good to spend more time with those i love. 
i find comfort in knowing my books will always be waiting for me when i get home.





my new phone camera has gotten much more use than my little canon rebel.  
my life in squares.


drink more coffee.  use a disposable cup.  pet a kitten.


  1. i didn't know about your jeep coffee date! how fun. : )

    p.s. loved eating pie with youuuuuu!