Tuesday, February 19, 2013

birthday celebration // floral crown

j's getting handy with the camera

a couple of weeks ago i decided that i would wear flowers in my hair on my birthday. 
why would you not?
i sent out an email to sarah at ladybird poppy and asked if she'd be up for making a floral crown the saturday after valentines day.  
she said yes.
we were both super excited to see what could be created.

i'm pretty sure sarah crawled into my brain and photo copied my ideas.  
the colors.
the flower choices.
the size even! (i have THE biggest head ever!!)

thank you so much for adding such a beautiful element to my birthday celebration!  
you have a lifelong customer in me.

sarah is top notch and the absolute sweetest!


love it. embrace it. eat a piece of pie.  and then another.


  1. first photo of you. favorite ever.

  2. This is so gorgeous, I love flower crowns! she did such a great job on yours!

  3. This is just stunning! Your right, the colors and the flowers are perfect.


  4. she was such a peach to work with!! she lived in my brain for a while. i'm sure of it.

  5. I just have to say, I really like your floral crown and the fact that you did this for your birthday! I really, really like floral crowns! I made a dandelion one last week. Thanks to you, I think that I will be wearing one for my birthday in a few months.

    Now, I'm off to visit the Ladybird Poppy...

    1. P.S. Well, I must sigh. My tired brain neglected to consider that the Ladybird Poppy would be in another state, so I can't get a floral crown from Sarah. Oh well, I'm still glad I read this post and saw your lovely floral crown!