Friday, March 29, 2013

saturday dates

bridget and i had planned on a rainy afternoon loungin' on my couch but when it became clear that the clouds looming overhead were not going to produce any moisture we set out to explore our city.  

south broadway. humble pie. tattered cover. glass elevator rides. 
our afternoons never disappoint.


we found a great little spot on top of a parking garage.  standing at a new place in a city that i've been in for over 2 years was a neat experience.  taking in a different perspective of a place that's become so familiar felt magical.  

i've been lucky enough lately to see more of bridget than i have in a while.  there's just something about finding a friend that you can do anything with.  our conversations always seem to have a lightness about them even when we're talking about heavier things.  simply put bridget: i totally dig the ease of our friendship.

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