Thursday, September 27, 2012

south dakota

sometimes it takes a while to sift through the photographic memories of a vacation.  this past vacation was so heavy with emotion that i wanted to give myself some space from it before i revisited the photos. 



1. mammoth bones
2. overlooking some buffalo
3. science!
4. checking out mt. rushmore for the first time from a distance
5. our home for the weekend
6. smashing pennies!!!
7. dam
8. can you believe he's never played MASH ??
9. buffalo friend
10. almost there
11. we made it!!!!!
12. kansas love
13. colorado love
14. our new friend
15. THE mt. rushmore
16. and then we almost hit a herd of elk
17. love the sunsets out there


enjoy the ride.  use your breaks.  take your time.

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