Saturday, September 29, 2012

oh map

i tend to covet things.  most of the time the things that i covet are seemlingly untangable.  for the past few years i've been coveting a pull down map.  after realizing that pull down maps were damn expense i added "coveting a pull down map" to the seemingly untangable list.

then we stopped in lyons to waste some time before my parents got to estes.  there, in the back corner of an antique shop, unpriced, was THE map.

take it in and covet my map.  


still figuring out this camera.


i always figured that if i ever did find a pull down map it would be of something completely irrelevant to me.  nice to know this exists and it's relevant to us both.

score and deal of the year.


ask questions. explore dark corners. let love happen.


  1. This map looks amazing!I know just the antique shop you are talking about in Lyons and have always loved their book and map sections (I live in Boulder).
    So cool that you finally got something you were coveting! Happy October to you!
    xo Hannah

  2. The people that own the shop were apparently moving many of their things to a ranch somewhere in the county. I happened upon them a THE best time imaginable. so so lucky! if you have a chance to stop in next time you're up that way please do. they're super nice and those books really are to die for!