Saturday, September 29, 2012

a short love letter

a short love letter:

i love your single white eyelash that sits just a half centimeter above the others.  i love the dent that is smack dab in the middle of your forehead.  i love your ability to hug away every worry that i'm having at any given moment.  i love watching you interact with dogs.  i love how big of heart you have.  i love how good i feel when i'm with you.  i love your sense of adventure.  i love the way you cross your legs while sitting on the couch.  i love how loyal you are to your friends and family.  i love your memory (it's far far better than mine).  i love that you enjoy celebrating every monday just as much as i do.  i love that you never judge my excitement.  i love the way you wear a pair of pants.  i love that you said "we should add that to our bucket list" the other night, and meant it.  i love how every single part of you is good.  i love how nice you are to every person you meet.  i love that you are better than me.  i love that you buy me bananas in the wee hours of the morning.  i love your surprises.  i love the way your hand always manages to find the small of my back.  i love the way you're always interested in learning something new.  i love watching you talk to my friends' significant others.  i love how much you want our record collection to grow.  i love that you understand what's really important to me.  i love your love of science.



share your feelings out loud.  pet a kitten.  use a real pencil. 

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