Wednesday, January 30, 2013

weekly gratitude // 8

it may not be christmas anymore but i'm still obsessed with povitica. 

just because it hasn't been written weekly doesn't mean it isn't happening.  i participate in an active life of gratitude.  this week i'm getting back into the habit of writing it all down.


chances to argue and not let it ruin our entire evening
sweet notes from friends
late night baking fun
having the courage to say it's not ok
birthday celebrations
finally purchasing my books for school (regardless of how much i spent)
medical terminology
the chance to start writing again
boulder canyon malt vinegar and sea salt chips (or as we call them; purple chips)
planned crafting projects with my honey
finally admitting that brussels sprouts are my favorite veggie (3 pounds worth my favorite)
the chance to get home early 2 days a week so i can keep up with my classes
birthday birthday housewarming plans
snow tubing on j's birthday


be happy with it.  drink out of a jar.  buy a new pen.

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