Monday, January 21, 2013

this kid right here...

meet hunter.  
hunter lives in kansas.
hunter's mom is my oldest dearest friend, beth.  
beth and i have been friends for nearly 27 years.
if you know me at all, you know children terrify me.  
this child...this child,however, makes me love.  
a lot.
when i first saw him in his mom's belly, i cried.
when i first met him, i cried.
when i saw him roll over for the first time, i cried.
when i saw him crawl for the first time, i cried.
he's now a walking babbling little goose.
be still my heart.

sorry my cat scratched your face dude.  you moved on from the paw swat pretty quickly.  kudos sir. kudos.


let drool run down your chin. play with a bag of peppers. bounce back quickly.

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