Thursday, November 29, 2012

weekly...(or rather yearly) gratitude // 7

should have posted this last tuesday.  oh well.

j and i are hopping in the car wednesday evening and heading east for kansas.  we have lots in store and many people to see while we're visiting so time will surely be tight.  since i won't have an opportunity to sit down at the computer sunday (as we'll be en route back to colorado) i thought i'd make my gratitude list early.  my cousin and i have been making a yearly gratitude list the past few years.  this year will be no different.


i am grateful for:

the chance to spend an entire month in kansas with my family
long weekend visits from my parents
drinking beer with my brothers
long hot baths
sunday brunch with my girlfriends
knowing i'm taken care of
early morning chats under the covers
a first date turning easily into love
raising over $5000 with my cousin and her boyfriend for the leukemia and lymphoma society
surprise flash mob thanksgivings (as my cousin calls it)
first road trips that go every way but the way we planned
parents who love and support me
new friends
sundays in boulder with my midwestern sister in gratitude
perfecting the art of making chili
love notes
the joy i still get for the first snow of the season

as always i could go on forever and ever.  i make a list each week of what i am grateful for to remind me that there are so many small things that i take for granted.


keep it up.  follow your dream. build a fort.

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