Sunday, November 4, 2012

night at the museum

i love free date nights in the city.  last night j and i dressed up and headed downtown to check out a few museums for denver's night at the museum.  our first stop was the clifford still museum.  i had been wanting to visit his works for some time now and jumped at the opportunity to see them for free.  after clifford still we walked just next door to the denver art museum and checked out a few of their installations.  on our way home we dropped by the newly opened denver history museum.  this place was packed.  i cannot wait to get back there when there are less people so we can make use of all of fun interactions they have in place.  


j staring at a clifford still painting
j (looking strange) in front of one of theodore waddell's abstract angus 
yes, that's j looking into an outhouse 
miner's ass
colorado painted on the floor at the colorado history museum


get out.  listen to your favorite song on repeat.  wear tights.

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