Sunday, October 28, 2012

weekly gratitude // 4

this past week was slower paced than most have been recently.  i embraced the change with open arms buy spending more than a few evenings in the bathtub with a good book. don't judge me.  

this week i am grateful for:

a friend staying late after work to make me more blonde
pumpkin spice lattes
warm baths
christmas songs playing full blast
walking through snow on my way to work
a clean back craft room
vintage metal tackle boxes
time to myself
texts sent from the other room 
a solo saturday morning trip to the cafe to enjoy a book and a latte
laughter (is there ever a time i'm not grateful for laughter?)
admitting my mistakes gracefully
sweet little messages from friends
watching j purposely walk through leaves just to hear them crunch
breaking the rules


this pony has clearly had too much fun.


enjoy the quiet.  see your friends differently.  lay on the floor.

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