Thursday, October 4, 2012

dear deer...

dear deer,
when i first saw you sitting on the shelf at the antique mall in rapid city i was skeptical.  there are often times that i long for something, find it, and then learn it is way out of my price range.  so, you can understand my apprehension upon first eyeing you.  my heart leapt into my throat as my eyes caught sight of you both while scanning the shelves on which you were so stealthily perched.  could it be?  where you affordable?  was this my chance to fill a lingering void?  reluctantly, shyly i peered at the price tag wrapped around each of your legs.  $4.99.  i looked again, unable to comprehend what i was seeing.  $4.99.  a grin formed across my face like that i hadn't felt while rummaging in quite some time.  i had done it.  i had found two pieces worthy of displaying on my wood camping box.  life felt complete.  valid.   with the distinct feeling i had accomplished a life goal, you were immediately paraded upstairs.  proudly, with cacophonous trumpets accompanying my words, i announced my find to j.  he was not impressed.  my heart sank.  betrayal!  how was this possible?  did he deem you unfit for our home?  an explanation was in order.  quite simply, he didn't seem to care one way or another about you.  a lackluster response to such a critical moment of my life.  undismayed i proudly presented you to the girl at the register.  she too lacked understanding of just how elated i was.  how important you were to me.  explaining my feelings to either of them was clearly arbitrary.  i decidedly carried you out of the store in exuberant exultation despite the sullen eyes of the girl behind the counter.
welcome home new friends.  you were worth it all.


no, this story is not exaggerated.   not one bit.  well...


write a story. read a book. build a friendship.

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