Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekly gratitude-a little late

jared and i spent the weekend in the mountains with my folks.  and while my gratitude for that weekend will make up an entirely new list, i still have last weeks to post.

weekly gratitude


deep cleaning the kitchen
sunday mornings of vintage vinyl (both his and mine)
freshly made keys to his apartment
homemade ice packs for my neck in the wee hours of the morning
inner child dance parties everywhere and anywhere
shared vegan shakes on early mornings
taco tuesdays (paleo tacos this week)
possible changes in work my work schedule
chances to help him study for school (yay science!)
NPR streaming a first listen of the new avett brothers album
"why don't people sing and make music like this anymore?" his question upon listening to the stand by me soundtrack one evening
paleo tacos
early morning phone calls with my dad...we eventually got to actually speak after 3 failed calls
modern tone china finally making an appearance in our apartment
quiet mornings to myself


plant a tree. light a fire(in yourself or a fire pit). pig out on marshmallows.


  1. amen to the pigging out on marshmallows. and i like the inner child dance parties and taco tuesdays! i think i'm gonna make an effort to do both ;)